The Care Process

1. Initial Referral

If your care is being arranged by a broker, your local authority or CHC (Continuing Health Care) they will contact us with specified details of your needs in order for us to determine if we can provide a service that meets those needs.
If you are arranging your care without social services involvement, we will discuss your needs when you first contact us so we can determine if we are able to provide the care you are looking for.

2. Assessment

Once we have confirmed to either social services or yourself, as applicable, we will speak to you to arrange a convenient appointment for suitably trained staff member to visit you at home to carry out a full assessment of your care need, along with assessment of risks. You will be able to have family a friend or advocate present at this appointment as we like to ensure we gain a wide overview of your circumstances and needs.

3. Care Plan

Once these assessments have been carried out, we will agree and then design a care plan which we will then discuss with you to make sure the care plan is accurate and acceptable to you. If needed, we will make alterations as discussed with you and discuss the amended version with you, making alterations until you are happy with the resulting care plan.

We will bring along your Care plan file which will contain paperwork needed to ensure Care Workers visiting you have all the information about your routine, the tasks and your preferred way or method of delivery.

The Service User Care file also contains details of how you can contact us, along with the Service User Guide which is your reference guide about HeavenScent Care Services. It also contains details about how to make a report, voice a concern, make a complaint or pay a compliment.

4. Providing Care

We will then schedule your care visits after we have selected the Care Worker or workers who have the skills that best match your needs.

5. Service Reviews

The early days of receiving care from HeavenScent Care Workers are the time in which it is most likely adjustments to the service are discovered. In order to ensure we respond to this, we will carry out a review of the service by means of a ‘spot check’ three to four weeks after the service has commenced.
We will then carry out a review after 3 months to ensure everything is going well and your needs are being met. We will contact you to arrange a convenient time for this to take place, and you are welcome to have a friend, advocate or family member present. After this, we will conduct reviews every 6 months.
If your needs change, or at your request, we will carry out a review before the next one is due. To request a review, you can contact the branch office.

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